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Bee Farmers and Retailer of Beekeeping Supplies

Situated in Bollington Cheshire we produce honey, beeswax candle and retail Beekeeping Supplies

I  started beekeeping in 2008, With around 3 hives, situated at my workplace, I had no idea that this was actually the profession I wanted to be in. Largely single-handed, I have around 120 colonies of bees, divided between 10 apiaries.

The Bees forage for nectar and pollen in the fields, gardens and hedgerows of The Macclesfield Borough, and During the spring and summer months some hives are moved to take advantage of the changing nectar flows from the Heather in the Peak District and the Oil Seed Rape.

Being a Local Beekeeper, on a small scale ensures that the honey is direct from the hives with minimum interference from the outside, just as mother nature intended. Honey is unique in the fact that it has natural preservatives so requires no additives, and each batch is always slightly different to the last depending on the nectar flows that the bees feed from.

We are also proud to be a member of the Bee Farmers Association.