We have set up Love Bollington Business to help small businesses and business owners in and around Bollington to strive and thrive to become sustainable.

With strong businesses in the local area, Bollington itself can become more sustainable and avoid becoming an aerial town.

Running a small business is difficult: you set up your business to focus on what you love but then there are so many other aspects of business you have to learn along the way to ensure your business is a success.

Love Bollington Business aims to host a number of events throughout the year to give businesses/business owners the opportunity to learn together, support each other and naturally encourage working together. 

Events are available to all. Should you choose to subscribe to be a member, many events will be free of charge and we offer other additional benefits.

As small business owners ourselves, we recognise that the power of working and learning together makes a massive difference to the success of our businesses.

Make sure you add your business to our directory (for free).

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